From California surfer kid to professional driver, Matt Powers’ self-taught beginnings have led him to a driving career that has taken him around the world. Learning to drift his car in the parking lots and back streets of his home town, this fast learner focused on days at the track because it was fun, and by the age of 21 found himself competing professionally in championship series around the globe. Soon thereafter, his successful drifting career provided him with the driving skills and tools under pressure to begin his next chapter: Stunt Driving for film. Precision and Stunt Driving for Commercials, Feature Films, and TV is Powers livelihood and passion. 

It’s no question that this naturally talented and charismatic driver stands out from the rest with awards for “Best Style,” “Most Aggressive Driver,” and “Personality of the Year.” Whether doubling actors in high stakes car chases, driving in New Zealand at Red Bull events or finishing on the podium in the premier Drifting Championships in the USA and China, Powers’ continues to be a top professional and views the driving as “fun,” maintaining his status as a crowd favorite. While his aggressive, all-out driving style has paved the way for the success of his 360 Drift video as the highest viewed video in Drifting in 2014, it’s his dedication and easy-going attitude that continues to broaden his opportunities. Powers’ personality along with his stylish and skilled tactics behind the wheel not only landed him as a character in popular video games like Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed Shift2—it always exposes him to more.

Refining his driving technique through racing and stunt schools, in 2014 Powers transitioned his talents into manufacturer commercials, viral video, and stunt driving. His on camera driving skills have given great momentum to his new full time career and in 2016 he got his SAG card. Since then he has gathered attention in the industry for his precise and reliable driving in even the most technically demanding shoots and is building a reputation as one of the top up and coming drivers for any job.