Red Bull Drift Shifters New Zealand

High scoring run of the 2014 Red Bull Drift Shifters, Auckland, New Zealand. Really cool event concept where you get points and combos based off proximity while drifting to certain censors on the course. Finished 4th place this event, 1st in 2012. Rubbins Racing.

Namotu Fiji Waterman

Just finished my third trip as a lifeguard/surfguide to the small island of Namotu, Fiji. Seriously one of the most amazing places. Definitely consistently the best surf trips I have been on. Basically my job is to look after the guests during water activities, mostly surfing, and recommend the best spots to surf based on the conditions- the swell, wind, tide, etc. We surf waves like cloudbreak, restaurants, wilkes, etc. Cloudbreak is one of my favorite waves in the world without a doubt, so fun, not that crowded, and the reef is not that sketchy (compared to say indo.) Most pics from Beau Pilgram, some surf shots from Scott Winer too. Got one of the top two waves of my life this trip (not pictured). One saturday during the guest turnover, we went to cloud break, it was pretty windy, then all of a sudden the swell started pulsing for about 30 minutes. One set at least double overhead came through and I was in position. I seriously didn't want to go and was wishing someone else was deeper than me so that they would have to go. I couldn't let the other Namotu lifeguards down though and dropped in super late and got one of the best barrels of my life while I saw Tevita (former aussie pro surfer, fellow namotu life guard) paddling back out on the shoulder through the barrel. I made it out and jumped off and was pretty done for the day haha. Unfortunately a lifeguard from the neighboring island Tavarua hit his face on the reef this session and had to get helicoptered out. Massive thanks to Namotu for having me back. The vibe is so amazing there, all the staff are so rad, the fijians look after you so well, they are so friendly, the waves are so good, the food is so good, seriously paradise. The goofy footer on the huge wave is Tevita on a big swell the week before my stay. 

Red Bull Drift Shifters 2012, Auckland, NZ

Former EA/Need for Speed teammate Mad Mike and Red Bull invited me to the streets of Auckland to compete in the first ever Drift Shifters. Had the most amazing time. First, won the event, second, cruised with awesome kiwis (legends!), third, had awesome coffee, and fourth, scored raglan and some other west coast spots. Legendary time!

2011 Formula Drift season recap

This was my best year in Formula D yet and definitely a break out year for me. First year with solid sponsorship, all my buddies on the road with me as crew, flying in to all the events, two podiums, one first place qualification, and peer voted hardest charging driver, most improved driver, and best style. I had this song in mind for a year end recap since before the season even started, and would walk down to surf blacks with this on my iPod (I was ghetto and still had a flip phone). One of my best friends, Nate Deck, filmed and put this together. He was just a buddy who had made a couple quick pro/am drift event recaps and then when I got some budget for the series I asked him if he wanted to come along as my filmer, making edits from each round. Sort of a big leap of faith on both our ends, he has been one of my biggest supporters since day one in Formula D, I think it was until 2012 when he missed his first event that I competed it, way longer than anyone else. Legend! Anyways, just thinking about it got me really pumped for events, and watching it brings back epic memories. What a year!