BMW M Night, Beijing


Awesome experience helping unveil the BMW M2 in Beijing with Sam Hubinette. He rules at driving and living and has done a lot of rad stuff, check his site HERE. Honor to travel and work there with him. I was pretty nervous about it before hand because I was scared to mess up haha. 

Our job was to drive in game 3, made up of 5 parts, titled "Red Hunters" that was about a 3 minute performance inside the show venue filled with BMW top execs and media on a 45mx25m area projected with blue squares, we would "hunt" the red squares within the time limit on them while doing different stunts and drift maneuvers. 

Big thanks also to Activation Group for having us, Quinton Concepts, and Michael from PlanWerkStatt.

It was a great show and super fun. I really want one now haha. I think Ill take the blue!!