Demo Days: Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day TX/CA

I seriously love doing demos. You just go have fun and burn tires for the fans. Its really easy to build up a good momentum during it because the only down time during a 20-30 minute session would be letting the car cool down or changing tires. 

Tanner Foust, Vaughn Gitten Jr., "Mad" Mike Whiddett, and Odi Bachkis and I did two demos for Nitto this year, one in April in Dallas, Texas, the other at Angels Stadium, Anaheim, CA. Its great to do it in the city too verse the track because it draws out a lot more crowd. Nitto puts on the entire event, free to fans, and the Anaheim event in September saw about 15,000 live attendance and was live on KTLA that morning as well (driving by Vaughn Gitten Jr. and myself).

Also had Kiron Jabour and Koa Rothman out on our media day friday for some ride alongs. They were in town for the US Open. I was stoked and honored to give these north shore legends some ride alongs, they seriously loved it too haha. 

Some media from both events. Pics by YAER Productions or OMG Drift.