2011 Formula Drift season recap

This was my best year in Formula D yet and definitely a break out year for me. First year with solid sponsorship, all my buddies on the road with me as crew, flying in to all the events, two podiums, one first place qualification, and peer voted hardest charging driver, most improved driver, and best style. I had this song in mind for a year end recap since before the season even started, and would walk down to surf blacks with this on my iPod (I was ghetto and still had a flip phone). One of my best friends, Nate Deck, filmed and put this together. He was just a buddy who had made a couple quick pro/am drift event recaps and then when I got some budget for the series I asked him if he wanted to come along as my filmer, making edits from each round. Sort of a big leap of faith on both our ends, he has been one of my biggest supporters since day one in Formula D, I think it was until 2012 when he missed his first event that I competed it, way longer than anyone else. Legend! Anyways, just thinking about it got me really pumped for events, and watching it brings back epic memories. What a year!