Civic Dream Track

Super fun gig for Honda Civic driving a fan designed stunt course in an all factory 2016 Honda Civic Coupe (minus the paint applicator and piñata of course). This was for Mind Over Eye and RPA under T-Minus productions. My first audition for a part too! The finishing reverse 180 move next to the other Civic was an impromptu one take end of day maneuver, stoked it made the cut!




Ditto Auto Enthusiast Day, Arlington TX

Sam Hubinette, Alex Heilbrunn (FD driver of Peru), and myself got to put on a drift demo for Nitto in front of 10,000 live Texan Auto Enthusiasts. Its a free day they put on with drift and truck demos, Nitto models, car show, all that, to fans. Congrats on hitting that awesome attendance number. Cant wait for their Anaheim event in August. 

Here is the video recap and some quick pics both from Ryan Davis, Sully, and Connor Surdi of Year Productions. Check their site HERE

Come for a 360* Virtual ride along with me at the event HERE!

New Livery!

So pumped on the new look of my demo/practice car. Its on the way to Arlington, TX right now for some drift demos for Nitto at their Auto Enthusiast Day there 5/21. 

This is the original car I learned to drift in, and competed in at Formula D from 2009-2011. Now its just a back up/fun/demo car. But I love it. 

Big thanks to the amazing Linhbergh for coming down and taking some killer pics! Check his other amazing work HERE

BMW M Night, Beijing


Awesome experience helping unveil the BMW M2 in Beijing with Sam Hubinette. He rules at driving and living and has done a lot of rad stuff, check his site HERE. Honor to travel and work there with him. I was pretty nervous about it before hand because I was scared to mess up haha. 

Our job was to drive in game 3, made up of 5 parts, titled "Red Hunters" that was about a 3 minute performance inside the show venue filled with BMW top execs and media on a 45mx25m area projected with blue squares, we would "hunt" the red squares within the time limit on them while doing different stunts and drift maneuvers. 

Big thanks also to Activation Group for having us, Quinton Concepts, and Michael from PlanWerkStatt.

It was a great show and super fun. I really want one now haha. I think Ill take the blue!! 

April fools Chris Forsberg/ Nissan NV3500 drift van

Super fun shoot for Nissan with the team at Donut Media. We got to prank Forsberg when he got to set with this Nissan NV3500 van modified with a hydro brake and a welded diff- he thought he was driving a 370z haha. I had a ton of fun doing the testing, pranking, driving the fork lift, and stunt coordinating the shoot. Chris killed it at this shoot!! Check out his site as or Donut at 


Thats the BTS edit, for the main vid, click HERE

BMW m2 testing

So much fun testing the BMW M2 at The Thermal Club a few weeks back for an upcoming project with Samuel Hubinette. Big thanks to Sam and his wife Stina, along with Matt Mullins and Adam Seaman for having us at the BMW Performance Driving School. Such an amazing setup they have there, definitely give it a look if you can! Definitely will be sharing some vids soon as things evolve. Some pics from our trip for now. 




100 mph Burrito

Super fun shoot with the guys from Donut Media. Talented group of guys. Worked on this shoot with Jacob there formerly of Wasserman and James formerly of GoPro. Hope their new endeavor kills it! Cant wait to do some more of this. Im still pulling cheese and salsa out from my tail lights. Also got some sour cream or something on my face. 

youtube embed below. We primarily pushed this on their Facebook

Monster JAMMM

Quick backflip over me by two motorcycles and a quad while I'm doing donuts in a Ford Mustang RTR for the grand finale of our demo at Monster Jam Anaheim 1/16. We will also be there 1/30 and 2/13

Lucky GoPro capture but I love the slow spinning, the clouds, the Angels A. Next event I hope to get the same shot but a little better perspective.

SoCal Super Moto

My dad, two buddies, and myself did the Socal Supermoto day at Adams cart track. I ride motorcycles on the street and in the desert sometimes but have never done any sort of racing on them. The class was super fun, a TON of seat time, and really helpful in gaining confidence and skills. So fun to slam down and lean the bike over underneath you. Plus I got to lap my dad. But he was killing it! The photo on the right is him, he drives a modified 300cc Vespa on the street. Thanks to Heath at Alpinestars for keeping us safe in gear out there.

Virtual Racers

So excited to be part of Castrol #VirtualRacers which they thought up as the next evolution of #VirtualDrift and decided to run off its success which we did earlier this year. Now, instead of challenging the Virtual World and myself, I challenge Ben Collins former STIG of top gear VIA the Virtual World. We are both racing inside virtual reality headsets, but driving real life Mustangs. This was crazy and fun! The tech has come so far since last shoot. I lost. But it was close! What can I say, I'm not really a "racer"

Here is the BTS video embedded (my family and friends like this one more because it has more of "me") click HERE if you want to see the hero piece 

All Star Bash

All star bash is a fun pro/am event put on by Just Drift where drifters all over the country come to Willow Springs to drive and have fun for two days. I really like driving Streets of Willow because we do not get to drift it that much. 

This is just a funny video from my friend Nate Deck of the boys and myself at our first track day together as a crew in over two years.

Super fun to just get to the track with your friends, drift, and have a good time. 

Hop in shotgun at the 3:10 mark and watch me blow up a tire. 

Demo days

Crazy busy last two weekends with drift demos. First stop was Kern County Raceway Park outside Bakersfield for two demo sessions during their NASCAR Nationwide finale. Pretty awesome 1/2 mile bank track that you can reallllyyy get moving on! 

After that we drove up to Thunderhill, in Willows CA, pretty far north. This is an amazing track, I drove the old setup in 2009 and was super excited to try out their new west loop. The whole track is really linkable and has good flow, is at a nice speed, and very scenic. We got some blue bottle in SF on our way home. 

After that I had Street Driven tour for their final stop of the year at Las Vegas Motorspeedway. We mostly gave pro ride-alongs to spectators and competed in "drift games" such as drift soccer, hard park, etc. Some really good tandem went down!

More vids soon. Got lots of good GoPro stuff. 

Next up for the drift car is All Star Bash by Just Drift Oct 17-18, Willow Springs International Raceway. Super fun event. 

Demo Days: Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day TX/CA

I seriously love doing demos. You just go have fun and burn tires for the fans. Its really easy to build up a good momentum during it because the only down time during a 20-30 minute session would be letting the car cool down or changing tires. 

Tanner Foust, Vaughn Gitten Jr., "Mad" Mike Whiddett, and Odi Bachkis and I did two demos for Nitto this year, one in April in Dallas, Texas, the other at Angels Stadium, Anaheim, CA. Its great to do it in the city too verse the track because it draws out a lot more crowd. Nitto puts on the entire event, free to fans, and the Anaheim event in September saw about 15,000 live attendance and was live on KTLA that morning as well (driving by Vaughn Gitten Jr. and myself).

Also had Kiron Jabour and Koa Rothman out on our media day friday for some ride alongs. They were in town for the US Open. I was stoked and honored to give these north shore legends some ride alongs, they seriously loved it too haha. 

Some media from both events. Pics by YAER Productions or OMG Drift. 

GoPro filming @Infineon Raceway

Cool project for Gopro Motorsports at Infineon Raceway. Tyler Mcquarrie and I drifted while they ran their 360* camera Array 16 GoPro rig computed by Google that allows for interactive user experience, 360 watching, and is stereoscopic. We also did 1 chase lap around the track for a 360 edit featured on GoPros youtube, Facebook, and instagram. Car to car with a Porsche GT3 driven by James Kirkham, everything done video wise by James Kirkham and Hart Houston of GoPro. They are crazy talented with these little cameras. 

Can I go one more time?

Nissan, "The Commute" Adam Levine/Blake Shelton for The Voice

Fun project at Universal Studios where I doubled for Adam Levine getting driving shots for a Nissan slot during The Voice. My favorite shot was a pull up to park on angle in front of the large voice mural on the building there, but it didn't make the cut. I had facial hair, and medium length hair, Mr. Levine had really short hair and was clean shaven. They died my hair and cleaned me up. It was really cool to drive and film with the arm car in full LA traffic on the streets. 


Thanks to Ducati for letting me jump on and take home a Scrambler media bike! We picked this up in San Jose and rode it home down the 1 to San Diego over two days. It was amazing- especially Carmel, Big Sur, through to SLO. We rode on pismo beach. We drank coffee. Ventura to LA was great too. Then we got on the 405 in LA during rush hour, that sucked. Since the pics below the bike has been modified a bit mostly for aesthetics.

Castrol Oculus Drift

This was a crazy project. So stoked to be chosen by Castrol and Logan and Sons (Director Ben Conrad or recent Gymkhana and Recoil) to star in this project where I blindly drift a 2015 Ford Mustang wearing an oculus rift custom helmet. Adam Amaral and Glenn Snyder created a virtual reality video game that projected the cars virtual movement based off the cars actual inputs (speed, gear, yaw, throttle, steering, rpm, etc). Stunt Coordinator Eilza Coleman really helped push me to my limits and build my confidence on set. Ashley Baker of Hoonigan consulted the project as well. This project SPOILED me. Huge thank you to Brooklyn Brothers as well for lining all this up for me. Main video and BTS below. 

Some amazing photos by Larry Chen

Scion, Driver for Nick

Fun shoot for Scion FRS where I did some light drifting and aggressive driving on closed roads in Angels Crest Hwy, Los Angeles. Massive thanks to Sam Hubinette and Craig Hunter for the referral, Craig did all driving for the city shots. It started raining up in the mountains which cut the day short. Had a lot of fun doing car to car with the Russain Arm team on the super tight roads up there. Directed by Anthony Hoffman, produced by Believe Media, for ATTIK/Scion.

Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO 'froadin

Navigated this 2015 Tacoma TRD Pro through Superstions off road area for some still photography by Nate Hassler and Lisa Linke, brought Nate Deck along to Navigate the dunes and take a little video for fun as well. Really impressed with the capabilities of this off-the-line truck. We were pretty deep, didn't even mess with tire pressure that much either. Really Really fun. Can we take this through baja with some boards?